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Zara Women Fall-Winter 2011-2012 Campaign

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Besides launching the ad campaign for women, men and their young line TRF, Zara have been busy as can be.  The Inditex Group brand has recently opened stores in Sidney and Melbourne, Australia, and they are working on the opening of another exciting store: an e-shopping site for the U.S., on September 7th. Americans will finally be able to shop Zara online, so check out what they have prepared for the fall season!

After so many cute and colorful seasons, the brand comes out with a serious and smart ad campaign for their women line in the Fall-Winter season of 2011. No more neons and color blocking, say hello to the new sophisticated season! Although hints of color do appear through the collection, which we will further present on a different occasion, most of the ad campaign is dark and elegant.

They actually used the same model as they did for the spring-summer 2011 collection, Stella Tennant, with her androgynous traits like the short hair, thick eyebrows and slightly pronounced cheek bones. The androgynous look is emphasized even more with the aid of minimal make-up, making Stella look really natural, and the masculine-inspired clothing. The fact that the model is looking so natural only increased the number of women who can relate to her and will feel inspired to wear such combos as seen in the ad campaign.

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The ad campaign was shot in a studio, against a dark background, by photographer David Sims – you may know him from shooting the fall campaigns for Alexander McQueen, Valentino’s Valentina Fragrance, Prada Eyewear for Men, Sportmax and a few others. The setting makes the ad campaign simple, with full focus on the clothes. Moreover, no accessories can be spotted through the pictures, leaving the clothes in front once again.

Tailored jackets and pants, knitwear and dark colors are the main characteristics of this campaign – they can’t go unnoticed. These are clothes that you can incorporate in your work wardrobe for fall without blinking – they will go well with whatever else you’ve got, they’ll be discreetly trendy and will fit any body type.

On the other hand, Zara also brought along some glamour: sequins, glitter and prints that you can wear at night.

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There are few prints present in this ad campaign, but snake skin and polka dots can’t go unnoticed. A pair of snake skin pants, while tacky at first sight, might fit in very well for a night out, especially if you wear them with something simple, like a turtleneck pullover or a dark, backless top. If you’re not that bold, polka dots will be your new friends – the black dots on a white background make the cutest print for a shirt, which you’ll be able to wear at any given moment of the day. Wear it with a maxi skirt, a pair of pants or underneath a jumpsuit. A rather elegant print is plaid, which you can get from Zara’s fall collection on knee length, tailored coats. This type of coat, in black and white, is combined with brick orange and sky-blue in the pictures, but you can wear it over virtually anything – it’s got neutral colors, neutral print and a neutral cut that won’t interfere with anything else that you like to wear.

Other coats come in neutrals as well, which is nice if you want something that will last you through the years without going out of fashion. The same goes for the masculine cuts, which are practically timeless. Masculine vibes come from the pants as well, whether they are tailored or leather, gray, navy or mustard – they look like the kind of trousers that you could borrow from your boyfriend’s wardrobe and look excellent in them.

Stella Tennant

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For that part of you who wants to feel like on the red carpet, try the long sleeve glittery dress in silver. The cut is simple, but the fabric is elegant. You can wear it with heels and a statement necklace at a party, or even during the day, if you add hiking boots and a leather jacket or a tailored blazer to dress it down. Another special piece in the Zara Fall-Winter 2011 campaign is the sequin pencil skirt. Worn in the pictures with a dark green bat-sleeves top, this skirt will work just fine in the club as at the New Year’s party.

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