- Julieta Censini

Women prefer technology or sleep to have sex

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Women continue surprising to society of these days. A recent study has revealed that majority of them prefer leaving their sex life to technology. So, we ask: Will this be a problem of technology? Won’t it be, better, a problem with their couples?, or even better, are women changing their personal relations with men radically?

The American public relation agency, FleishmanHillard, was in charged to this new study that is based on 4.300 interviews, which took place last August in four different countries: USA, UK, Brazil and China. The study was entitled “Women, Power and Money”.

The results debunk the myth that men are the only who are obsessed with technology.

U.S. and UK women were given the option to eliminate sex or technology during three months, and majority of them chose the second one, with no doubt.The study, that can be interpreted as something light, has a worrying implication: this women decision may be the first step to human extinction as species.


On the other hand, the results reveal that we are in front of a new generation of women that feel they are complete independent, women that are choosing not to be mothers (read about Nomo generation). Women are changing their way of thinking, entertaining or facing the romance. For that reason, some other people has joked by saying that when a man wants to conquer a woman of today, he should change the bunches of roses for a smartphone.

Women in China, UK and USA also said that they prefer a good sleep before a pleasant sex evening. Between 60% and 70% of these same women said that they are satisfied with their sexual life, but then, it indicates they have changed their priorities to the grief of men. Very different result happened in Brazil, where women have chosen the contrary.  Latin American are deeply rooted behaviors, and Brazil has the largest proportion of  catholic country in the world.

Another revealing results:

  • More than 50% of respondents prefer to end a relationship by phone. Are women more practical now?


  • 80% of women have taken precautions to protect their privacy in social network. That means, despite women love to share a lot photos and sharing “every detail of their life”, in reality, they are keeping some part of their personal lives.woman-prefer-technology-to-have-sex


  •  Respondents, who were mothers, prefer to spent an extra hour in their days with their kids or spouse/partner.


  • Majority of women considered that a woman is old when she gets 70, but  in the case of Chinese, they think it comes sooner, when she gets 60.

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