- Julieta Censini

Why women live more than men. The advantages to be woman

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We don’t know why so much women make, these days, everything in their power for being as men, and we are not referring to their sexual orientation. We are talking about women who want to prove themselves they can do the same things they do. Fortunately, we are different, and this is it.

We have already proved that we are not the weaker sex anymore, and as women we have some interesting physical advantages. To start this 2015, we want to remember you why women live more than men:



Men are less worried about their bodies and physical condition, something that has been related to machismo. Women are more conscious about their health and adopt precautionary measures. Men don’t like to visit doctor regularly, unless they are sick. This health care has increased our life expectancy for almost four years in comparison with men. Another interesting aspect you probably never had considered is that women keep intact their social and familiar relationship through their life, and this has been linked to the longevity.



Men make jokes with women capacity to remember every single and insignificant detail, and they are right. A Norway study in 2014 just proved women are better to remember. Men’s memory doesn’t work with such accuracy even when they are young. That happens because women are less exposed to hearth diseases and high pressure.

Flatter Stomach


Men use to accumulate fat in their stomachs, and it may cause diseases such as diabetes, heart attacks and strokes. Pear bodies – a great amount of women have this kind of body – keep fat away from heart, which is considered a good signal for doctors. Abdominal fat is metabolically active and produce hormones that produce a chain reaction in the body: an increased inflammation and resistance to insulin.

Pain Tolerance

Although men complains less when they feel sick, the threshold for pain is higher in the case of women. This has been proved for their exclusive ability to give birth. With this example any other pain is devalued. Isn’t it?

Keen sense of smell


Another thing where we have a significant difference with men. Women have 50% cells in the olfactory bulb than men. It is thought that, for that reason, women may make a better choice of their couples, because their keen sense of smell detect pheromones easily. In other cases, they can detect rancid odors, protecting this way to their offspring of infection and other diseases.

HDL Cholesterol

HDL or best known like good cholesterol is associated with a healthy heart. It is most common in women that men, because good cholesterol is present during all woman’s productive cycle. Although HDL decreases during menopause, a good diet can keep HDL cholesterol in ideal levels.

Less Chance to addiction

Some specialists seem having solved the question: why men do develop more addiction than women? Dopamine release is higher in men, a hormone directly related to the thrill, pleasure and addiction. While it is true that women are more quickly depressed for things like a loose of relative or disease, men have a trend to numb their real emotions with dangerous substances.

Minor risk to heart attack


First women heart attack happen 10 years after men. This says most recent statistics. Risk in men begins in their 40s, while in women is calculated in their 50s. Another reason, different from HDL cholesterol, is related with low blood pressure that women keep regularly.

So, you have more reasons to feel proud to be woman. Happy new year!

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