- Julieta Censini

Wildfox Couture Fall 2010: It’s Witchcraft!

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“Once upon a time, there were three young girls with special talents” – this is how the story of Wildfox Couture’s line for fall begins. The ad campaign stars beautiful Nicole Fox (winner of America’s Next Top Model cycle 13), Rachel Ballinger and Daria Plyushko, in shabby-chic settings.



The storyline is about these three girls that couldn’t fit in, romantic girls with a passion for bikes, old movies and history books, who get amazing powers like that of making boys fall in love with them. They can paint their nails with their minds, they can conjure their favorite foods and can wear whatever they like. They represent the elements, Fire, Water and Air in this interesting collection called “It’s witchcraft”.



The collection is a mix of dark and sweet themes, like the gun that shoots out roses, the sparkly skull or the skull with hearts for eyes. The graphic tees and jumpers have lovely messages of peace and love, diamonds, make up, American symbols.


The collection is generally contrasting, with occult elements together with contemporary, youthful ones. In the lookbook, these are combined with floral tights, ruffles, tulle, over-the-knee socks and school uniform inspired outfits. The colors are bright, like red, pink and blue.


Layering is made possible by oversized cardigans and graphic scarves. Sweatpants, zip up ponchos, hoodies are also printed with cute drawings that target towards teenagers and youngsters.


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