- Julieta Censini

Trendy colors for spring 2012 and their significance – part 1

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Each season, there are a few colors that are set apart, some special colors that we see unusually often in the designers’ collections. Of course, a year like 2012 means that everything is permitted in fashion, that you can wear any color as long as it looks good on you – but we like to be aware of the trends: they’re really inspiring, don’t you think?

We went over the spring-summer 2012 collections by some of the most coveted fashion houses, and noticed that some colors are prevalent. We found many bright colors, warm as well as cool – and that’s natural, since this is the warm season we’re talking about. However, the color most often met in the runway collections is yellow: neon, lemon or pastel, we’ve spotted this color in most SS 2012 ready-to-wear collections.

Fashion for Spring

As we mentioned above, yellow seems to be the number one color on the runway for the spring-summer 2012 season. And it’s no wonder: it’s a color suggestive of the sun and heat, it’s optimistic and happy, they make you think of wealth (gold). Wearing yellow encourages communication and it is stimulating for the nervous system in a positive way.

Different shades were displayed on the runway, and in various combos. Missoni went for neon yellow worn with white, on a maxi irregular dress, with colorful sandals, lots of ruffles and fringes. Moschino and Oscar de la Renta also felt the need for ruffles, only they picked a midi length. Moschino picked sunflower yellow on their wrap-around dress, and layered jewerly, while de la Renta picked a lemon hue, with a simple silhouette on the strappy dress. Mulberry looks classy, in a pastel yellow that is candy like – worn with yellow sandals and white socks.

Orange clothing

Another warm color that we say lots of on the runway is orange. Orange is also solar, and it brings along energy and warmth. It is the color of fire, and it stimulates appetite and activity.

On the runway, we see it in blocks or in prints – the Dolce&Gabbana fruit print being especially interesting and, we predict, a great hit of the season to come. A reddish tone is used by Hermes on their oversized shirt-dress, and Tommy Hilfiger opted for something closer to yellow, with bright pink accents that were so popular last spring. Proenza Schouler used orange on a letaher skirt, and it looks cool with the printed shirt and long gloves.

Red fashion

For spring-summer 2012, red hasn’t skipped the runways. This color symbolizes passion, love, sex, courage, it’s energetic and attention-grabbing. It’s a color that increases enthusiasm, shows confidence and it generally has more associations that other colors tend to have. It’s often associated with lips or with bullfighting.

On the runway for the upcoming season, red is either classy and elegant, or casual. Different shades are used, from brick to ruby red. We loved the way Christian Dior grabbed focus on the model with a red dress and red accessories, but also the bold Miu Miu combination of a red lace dress with beige and bright pink accents. The Marni dress in red and white is sexy, while the Emilio Pucci ensemble is pretty much wearable, especially if you change the lace bustier for a shirt or tank top.

Nude style

Nude is probably the trendiest neutral of the past years – it has overcome white, black and even brown, and the designers can’t stop from using it. And it’s no wonder: it has a slimming effect when wore right, it can be easily combined and worn, and it looks good on every skin tone. This color is suggestive of the nude body, which makes it sexy and appealing – just think of how well a nude bathing suit can look!

Nude appears on the runway in the spring-summer season in hues of beige or even slight pink, depending on the designer. Either way, it looks ethereal and romantic. Thin, soft fabrics like silk or lace are used by Chloe, Lanvin and Zac Posen to obtain fairy-like looks, and Chanel keeps it more urban in a simple short-sleeve dress with metallic accessories.

And speaking of metallic, there was plenty of that on the runway! But more on that topic – and on the other trendy colors of the season – in a post tomorrow.

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