- Julieta Censini

This winter, Lanvin loves H&M

We love it when prestigious designers “come down” from the runway and join up with one of the more accessible brands for a collection. This only happens from time to time, which makes it even more exciting for fashion lovers of the world. This winter, French designer Lanvin decided that he “loves H&M”, and so, one of the most important collaborations of the year was born. As a bonus, Romanian model Irina Lazareanu is the face of the ad campaign.

H&M is known for their affordable prices and pretty clothes. Double that and you have the “Lanvin loves H&M” collection. Party dresses are head of the list. These come in neon colors (fuchsia, bright yellow, red, electric blue) and the classic black. Most of them have ruffled details, especially at the neckline; some are asymmetrical, with one shoulder only, some have bright flowery prints, but any of them can make you look fabulous for the holidays. Silky textures and tulle are the options when it comes to fabrics.

The line also brings trendy, double breasted coats, in animal print or fur, ruffled skirts and tees with tulle applications. These look playful, ballerina-like, but can be accessorized into looking chic and edgy.

For men, the line consists of sports jackets, jersey pants, shirts and cardigans, as well as animal inspired t-shirts. The shoes in the collection, in bright colors, have laces for men and cute bows (and heels!) for women. Jewelry is also colorful, playful, with floral motifs. Some unisex accessories, like ties and bowties, come in fuchsia, purple and cute polka dots.