- Julieta Censini

The shoes of the season, Winter 2011 – 2012

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Shoes are a very important piece in every woman’s wardrobe. Our love for shoes is immense, wouldn’t it be great to have a pair for every day of the week? Or the amazing dressing room of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City?

The thing with shoes is that they go out of fashion so quickly – but the good news is that they are very likely to return after a few seasons! So don’t throw your shoes away, keep them for a comeback! I mean, who would’ve though the crazy high Spice Girl “flatforms” will ever return – and here they are, on the Prada catwalk.

Since we’re on the topic of catwalk, let’s continue this post by having a look at some of the most impressive shoes we’ve seen on the runway this season.

Fashion Winter 2011

Fendi went for edgy, yet wearable shoes: block heels, cut outs, lots of straps and buckles. The result is gorgeous, the only thing is that these shoes are not really suitable for cold weather! While they might work with socks or tights in early autumn or in spring, they are really not the thing for winter – unless you live in the Southern hemisphere, of course! The Fendi shoes have the advantage of working just fine with both pants and skirts, as they have a hint of masculine inspiration, on an otherwise feminine design.

Comme des Garcon shoes

Speaking of masculine, Comme des Garcon raised up to their name, and went for a full masculine look of the shoes. The famous brogues or oxfords in neutral black, white and gray dominated the runway. They’re worn with rolled down socks, on any kind of look. Once again, while the shoes could be cute for warmer days, they aren’t very appropriate for winter.

Marc Jacobs footwear

Marc Jacobs went crazy in designing shoes for his Marc line: the lace up wedges with a running deer are unbelievable! While we can’t really see those becoming a hit on the streets, we do like the fur lined booties – very warm and cozy! – and the colorful heeled lace up booties that can cheer up a look in a second.

Hermes winter shoes

Hermes is to our liking: boots. Now this is what we call winter shoes: long, warm boots in a stylish, heeled design. Just because it’s cold, it doesn’t mean that we should give up on style.

As much as we like designer shoes, we can’t always afford them. This is why we put together a little guide for more affordable shoes for winter, check them out!

Menswear shoes

Wear menswear inspired shoes in the warmer days of winter. You can pair them with wool socks for an unexpected (and warm!) twist, or simply with tights. Their style – oxford, lace up, loafer – is especially suitable for the office wear, but you can wear them with pretty dresses in your spare time as well.

Ankle booties

Now ankle booties can work in colder weather, too! You can choose flats for a comfortable feel, wedges to combine your love for being tall with your love for feeling comfy, or heels for when you just want to look hot. Lace-ups have a more utilitarian look, while those that close with zippers or elastic are more classy. Pick faux-fur lined ones or wear them with socks so that your feet don’t freeze!

Long boots

But when it comes to winter, boots are queens. Heeled ones will look more stylish, but those with a lower heel are more comfortable and are more unlikely to let you slip on ice. You can pick boots with buckles, lace ups, long, riding boots or simple ones. And if your country is especially wet, you can go for rubber boots – unfortunately, these are not ice/snow friendly at all!

Party shoes

There is a certain week during winter when you can throw your boots in a corner in exchange for gorgeous, elegant shoes: the week between Christmas Eve and New Year. For the party season, you can surely wear any extravagant shoes that you might have: glittery, metallic, brightly colored, with bows, straps, platforms or high heels. But, however crazy you might feel tempted to go with the height of the heels, remember that you might want to dance or move around – and you don’t want your feet to stop you! So pick wisely, and go have fun!

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