- Julieta Censini

Perfect and cute outfits ideas for the beach

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In parts of the world, summer has already arrived. You can’t say it’s vacation unless you sunbathe and swim – at the beach or by the pool. Although we know how dangerous the radiations of the sun can be, we cannot resist getting a tan – just remember to use a body lotion with a high SPF. If you don’t know which one to buy, see the suggestions below, cheap and expensive, but all of them efficient.

cute outfits ideas

Now that you’ve got your sunscreen on, the next step is to choose a bathing suit. We already gave you some suggestions a few weeks ago, but there are more coming today! And after choosing the most suitable swimsuit, you have to think of some accessories. An oversized beach bag is a must, the shoes should be comfortable (think of the fact that sand will most probably enter inside them), and the jewelry should be minimum. It’s important to remember that you won’t actually be wearing the entire outfit at the beach – you need to be able to take it off quickly in order to show off your swimsuit and catch a nice, even tan. Long trousers are forbidden, unless they are wide, cotton and in a very light color, like white. It’s better to wear natural fabrics and loose cuts at the beach, rather than synthetic, tight tops and the like.

Here is how you can combine these advice into outfits!

beach outfit clothing

Let’s start with something youthful, appropriate for anyone from teenagers to women in their thirties. The bikini is affordable, from American Eagle, and we kept the same navy look through the outfit: an oversized Rag&Bone striped tee, a pair of denim shorts, cloth loafers and a large shoulder bag, where you can carry your towel, sunscreen, magazines and what not.

Summer Clothing Shoes Accessories

We found a romantic, retro bathing suit at Urban Outfitters, with floral print and a high-waisted bottom. It would go perfectly with a warm-color dress, floral flip-flops and earth-tone bangles. Because sunscreen is sometimes not enough to protect you from the sun, we also added a straw hat and a pair of oversized sunglasses. Did you know that sunglasses have SPF, too? They’re really helpful in keeping your eyes safe and healthy.

The cutest two-piece comes from Betsey Johnson, and it’s so cool that they’re sold separately and you can pick a top and bottom that best suit you! The polka dots are so adorable that we didn’t want to cover them up completely – a see through dress in white or cream is perfect for beachwear. The funky flat sandals are comfy and stylish, and the straw bag is exactly what summer is all about.

Beach outfits collection

White and turquoise are some of the colors that most say “summer”. Combining them has such a light, wonderful result! We picked a turquoise bikini, plastic basket and towel, as well as a straw hat with a turquoise ribbon. The dress from Accessorize is simple and white, with just a few embellishments at the hemline and sleeves. This outfit is a perfect example of how combining cheap ( the H&M bag) and expensive (the Emilio Pucci towel) items  can look great together.

Striped outfit

Stripes are probably the most used print in summer. It makes us think of the sea, sailors and yachts. A black and white outfit can look awesome at the beach, as long as it’s got stripes! The maxi dress from Style Nada as well as the Topshop one piece swimsuit have plenty of stripes! An oversized straw bag will carry your belongings and the peace necklace will show how much you care. A spot of color was added with the open-toe flats, in floral pink.

Sexy option for the beach

This last outfit is sexier and more appropriate for a day by the pool. The first reason is that we added wedges instead of flats – these look really good and elongate your legs, but aren’t quite comfortable to walk in the sand with. The designer swimsuit comes from Lanvin, and its animal print makes it quite hot and bold. To tame this sex appeal, we added a simple, white sundress, with thin straps and an elastic bust. The bracelets have a precious look – but remember to take them off before sunbathing, or you’ll end up with a permanent – white skin – bangle on your wrist! The coral sunglasses complete the look.

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