- Julieta Censini

The IT Trendy Bags of the Season

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Trendy Bags

Every season there are certain handbags that catch the eye of a couple of trendsetters. Afterwards, fashionistas everywhere will find themselves needing those certain bags in order to be trendy. Designers have their ups and downs, but they always try to come up with something more interesting, better looking andĀ  original – just have a look at the Yves Saint Laurent envelope clutch, structured and designed to look like a letter envelope!

IT Bags accessories

Some of the greatest names this season, when it comes to bags, are Mulberry, Furla and Proenza Schouler. They designed true “it-bags”, which makes them desirable and highly copied by smaller brands. The Alexa bag from Mulberry is probably one of the greatest hits of the last years – it is available in a variety of colors, inspired by vintage masculine briefcases, promoted by (and named after) Alexa Chung, and with dozens of cheaper replicas sold worldwide. Similar bags, of good quality but a lower price, can be found at Topshop or Debenhams – they’re large enough for day wear and the handle makes them easy to carry by hand, while the strap makes them wearable on the shoulder or cross-body.

Summer accessories

The Proenza Schouler bags have a long strap, which makes them easy to carry around, while having your hands free for other stuff. It has a somewhat utilitarian aspect, with buckles and straps, and it also comes in various colors. Some of these colors blend with another very important trend: neon colors. Several bag designers used bright, neon colors this season, creating the perfect accessories for color blocking – a bright pink handbag with an orange dress and you have your color block outfit. Furla took this trend to the next level, and created delicious vinyl see-through structured bags, colorful like candy and really fun for summer.

Complements summer

You can notice that structured bags have made a huge comeback – it’s all about a bag that fits a lot of things due to its structure, not large size. The bags are inspired by briefcases, bowling bags (at Kate Spade or John Lewis), doctor bagsĀ  or simply by the fashion of the 50’s (see Prada and Yves Saint Laurent). These have the advantage of making a very easy transition from day wear to evening wear, because of their wonderfully classic and classy silhouette.

IT Bags collection

Another trend not to be missed this summer is the straw bag. We have the classic, oversized, beach bag on one hand; and the new, small straw bag on the other. This new trend includes clutches or small cross-bodies, which are either simple and neutral, or have pops of bright color (see above: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, Dorothy Perkins). Of course, due to the material, these are reserved to day wear.

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