- Julieta Censini

Tally Weijl Christmas Campaign

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Tally Weijl is a international fashion label that designs sexy apparel for fashionable women everywhere. The brand was founded in Switzerland, in 1984, and it now has stores in 33 countries. The brand has recently gained exposure due to an appearance in Gossip Girl (one of the Paris episodes in season 4), and one of their dresses being worn by both Alexa Chung and Blake Lively.

Tally Weijl have launched a campaign and collection especially designed for holiday parties: sexy, glamorous and fashionable. Mini dresses are prevalent, and they’re worn with heels and glittery clutches, just the way we like it.

Tally Weijl 2011

Let’s begin with this sexy nude dress that will instantly get you in the center of attention at any party! It’s strapless, mini and fitted, and it goes perfectly with the small clutch of the same color, the double bow peep toes and the “arm party” of bracelets. This outfit is good for clubbing, but also for fancy events, and it’s definitely something Black Lively would wear!

Tally Weijl Clothing

This lilac dress immediately above is bound to make you feel like a princess, with its voluminous skirt and fitted bodice – plus, it’s made of tulle. Pair it with stilettos and a sequin clutch, and add a belt to mark your beautiful waist.

The next outfit pictured consists of a bondage dress, strapless  and with sequin insertions, black stilettos and the fashionable sets of bangles on both wrists. It looks like bangles/bracelets are the accessories of the season with Tally Weijl!

Next off, the red dress is absolutely perfect for holiday parties: it’s the right color, it’s just sexy enough, being strapless ad mini, and it looks amazing with heeled ankle booties and a clucth!

Christmas Fashion

Another outfit suitable for a hot party is the metallic mini, paired here with stilettos, a cropped fur and colorful jewelry. The rose mash bag is the perfect match and it can carry your most important party possessions: phone, lipstick, keys and, why not, a tiny branch of mistletoe.

Look like a star in the sparkling strapless tank top with star print, paired with the sweetest “princess skirt” in pink. A sequin clutch will carry your stuff, a golden watch will be a great accessory and it will show you when the clock hits midnight – you don’t want to turn into a pumpkin, do you?

The last embellished dress is suitable for skinny girl – the color and the pleats aren’t flattering if you don’t have a perfect body. Worn with a feather clutch, bow peeptoes and black and green jewelry, it can be the hit of the night.

holidays clothing

We love the lilac mini dress with floral details on the shoulder – it grabs attention to the upper half of the body, which is flattering for pear shaped bodies. Paired with sexy tights, heels and a smile, it can steal any boy’s heart.

One of the few dresses that isn’t a mini is this draped, white one pictured above in the middle. It looks funky with ankle booties, socks and a knitted scarf, but the sequin clutch really goes with it.

Another gorgeous dress marks a thin waist or makes it look like you have a thin waist, even if you really don’t – the embellished side is very flattering. Pair it with heels, jewelry and a tiara and just go ahead and feel like a princess.

December apparel

For a more casual party or for going out, you can choose to wear pants and a graphic tank top. However, make sure you spice it up with red heels and a tube scarf!

The princess skirt can look more casual that usual if you wear it with a sweatshirt, booties and socks. The metallic clutch, though, now that’s an attention grabber!

The cute tulle strapless dress can look even cuter if you add a floral belt to it, don’t you think? With printed tights and long boots, you will look really hot!

Gossip Girl Clothing

The bow bustier dress is too pretty for words – especially with that bow on the bust! Pair it with knee high socks, heels and a handbag and put on a cute panda hat to attract all looks!

Or go for sequins – sequins are never wrong! With a knitted scarf and hat, you will create a very interesting contrast that your friends will love.

Or, you know, be the belle of the ball in pink – and put on your mask to look mysterious!

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