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Tabitha Simmons Spring Summer 2011 Shoes Collection

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Shoes Collection

Every woman loves shoes. We need something for the office, something for outing with friends, something for an elegant party, something for summer and so on. All these in more than one color and design, because the shoes must complement an outfit! Having said that, today we’re looking at another shoe collection, this time from Tabitha Simmons. She is an English designer and stylist, currently living and working in New York.

Tabitha Simmons Shoes

Her newest collection, for the spring-summer 2011 season, is available for pre-order on the website, but you can also find it in shops throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. The collection is suitable for an elegant, wealthy woman (the prices range from $500 to $2000), who is very fashion-aware and cares about her own image.

Spring Shoes

Sandals, peep-toes, straps, bows, thick or thin heels and a variation of colors are the main features of the shoes in this collection. You can chose nude sandals, that make the leg look longer, silver shoes for a special occasion, complicated designs for a pretentious event, thick heels for day or classic black stilettos for evening. You’ll also find espadrille lace-ups, in colorful stripes, incredibly comfortable and good looking for a casual day outfit.

Footwear Spring

We hope we have inspired you to invest in a special pair of shoes, like the Tabitha Simmons collection.

Tabitha Simmons Collection

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