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Stradivarius Clothes – February Lookbook

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Stradivarius Clothes

Between winter and spring, there is a transition period, when it is too cold to wear ethereal spring clothes, but you are already way too bored with your winter wardrobe. You can’t invest in any more winter pieces, cause spring is only weeks away, but you can’t keep wearing the same coat as you did in November. This is why some brands launch a transitional collection, which contains pieces from the old collection, previews of the following one, and intermediate ones as well.

Stradivarius Clothing


It is exactly what Stradivarius did, launching their February look book, which you can see in its entirety here. The French/navy influence is clear, with red and blue combos, sailor scarves and stripes. These are colors that make you think of summer and vacation.


Stradivarius collection

Tones of brown are very popular too, they offer a nice natural look. This color is especially used on accessories (belts, shoes, purses) and it looks great when combined with a pair of skinny jeans. Trousers, booties and trench coats are reminiscences of winter, while the pretty details like bows, gingham prints or faces on graphic tees anticipate summer.


European Fashion

So put your sunglasses on, add lots of color to your outfit and wait for spring! It’s just around the corner, we promise!

look with boots

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