- Julieta Censini

Rockstud by Valentino, the versatile Women’s Shoes

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It is not easy to find shoes which you look good in any moment. A shoes that look well when we wear shorts, a good jeans, skirts or dresses. A shoes that match if  you wear formal or casual apparel. A shoes that bail out us if we have a meeting, an interview or a date or party. A good pair of shoes ideal for the day or night.

Is it possible to get a pair of shoes that really we can wear in any occasion? It sounds impossible, but it exists.

In 2010 for a Fall/Winter Collection, Valentino released what today is an icon worldwide: his Rockstud shoes.


Rockstud is a really versatile shoes, because they mix the classic style (not platform, pointed heels and thin straps) with other modern elements (more than one strap and  little accessories). The result: an awesome studded pointed shoes.

Since Valentino released the first Rockstud shoes, he has reinvented this style: you can find in its stiletto, high or low heel versions, besides flats, boots, or in the modern punk style. What about colors? Get them in black, white, red, tan, pink, lime green, leopard print, chevron, yellow and peach. And there are more!

Valentino Rockstud pumps and flats for your shorts. 


Rockstud shoes look rebel and elegant at the same time. We think it is the key of success of these popular shoes. In fact, they became so popular that have inspired a series of other accessories like handbags (clutches, totes and shoulder bags) and sunglasses.

Take some risks and wearing dresses with your favorite Valentino Rockstud pumps.


There is no doubt Valentino Rockstud are an eye-catching shoes, so conservative women are the first opponent of this style. However, they are here to stay among us.

Casual Looks match perfect with your Valentino Rockstud pumps. Isn’t it?


Other 5 iconic shoes in history

1. Go-Go Boots: It was the perfect excuse to wear mini skirts. Go-go culture came to the middle in 60s to late 70s.

2. Cork Wedges: To Ferragamo owe this light-weight shoes that this Italian brand released during the World War II.

3. Ballet Flats: The opposite to stilettos. Ballet was the inspiration of this style that loved to women when the first ladies began to dance in France in 1681. What is more comfortable than flats?

4. Loboutin red soled pumps: It is considered one of the sexy stilettos ever. What’s the reason? The red-laquered sole which became in the signature product of this brand once it was released in 1991 for first time.

5. Converse: It was first designed for basketball players in 1921, but quickly, it became in first mass-produced basketball shoes in history.

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