- Julieta Censini

Plump and curvy women continuing being fashionable

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Plump and curvy women continuing being fashionable. Curvy and Plump women are almost a movement that has been growing in parallel to old concept of perfect body. Nowadays, we can find fashion designers who have special lines for this kind of women, who, and of course,  can also look as elegant as sexy.

“The Curvy Fashionista blog” is one of the multiple examples of blogs and websites that are administered by women who decide to open the eyes to other women like them by saying that they are right, that they can feel good with their bodies, that anything is wrong with them. Fashion bloggers have definitely  changed fashion game.


But there are some challenges that are still to overcome, specially in countries outside EU, where is easy to find plus size clothing in almost every single retail stores. What fashion industry is understanding now is that plus size apparel is not a matter of fashion or being snob, it is a matter of necessity. Beyond medical reasons, there are a lot people demanding this kind of clothing. Even many of these curvy women have declared to different media that they are in perfect health condition, just only with some extra pounds.

Rules in fashion says that curvy and plump women HAVE RESTRICTED to wear printed or striped clothing, or wearing bold accessories, but fashion bloggers are broken these conventional rules or myths, and they have shared their incredible results to other women in order to be worth imitating.


When you visit their websites or blogs you can notice that they also recommend three main things: to love and know every single part of our body, in order to get the most out of our figure, and finally, to have a good attitude.

Other 5 Essential Tips for Curvy and Plum Women

1. To take your hair pinned up makes you remark your round face, so, choose a hair cut that highlight the beauty of your face.

2. Don’t wear larger sizes to hide some extra pounds, you must choose the right size and highlight the best parts of your body.

3. If you have large bust and small hip, you can wear striped and printed clothing in the lower part, and solid clothing for the upper body.


4. When you want to wear a chain, you should choose, that day, low-cut tops.

5. Finally, smile and project a secure image.

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