- Julieta Censini

NoMo Generation, a personal decision that will impact the world

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Woman as a mother. Woman as housewife. Woman as the absolute boss of family. Woman as the solely responsible for the home and for raising the children. Yes, although it sounds idealistic or old-fashioned, women continues bearing the brunt of an underdevelopment thinking.

In other times, women would have continued accepting this condition, but now, some of them conceived their lives in a completely different way.


There is a generation that doesn’t want that kind of responsibilities, an independent generation that has decided to live alone or not to be mom. Specialists and sociologists are now speaking about NoMo Generation, for “Not Mothers”.

Despite of these modern times, they are being strongly criticized, because even survive the idea of a person is fulfilled as a woman when gives birth a baby at least. This new generation, NoMo one, has asked to be respected with this personal decision.

Joday Day, the cofounder of the website Gateway Women, published her book “Rocking The Life Unexpected: 12 weeks to your plan B for a meaningful and fulfilling life without children”, where she portrays the experiences, sometimes painful, that are lived for these women. The author offers great thoughts about ¬†this phenomenon, besides of giving some advises and shares some personal experiences. The book was one of the most best-selling in Amazon. She has said: “What happens in the life of these women is much more complex than it would be, because, in some cases, it is not an own decision or a biological issue. There are certainly much more than that”.

In the case of Joday, when she was 40 she realized that she wouldn’t be mother. “The life I had been waiting for doesn’t exist, but I realized that I wasn’t alone gradually. She overcame that situation when she redefines the archetypal idea of family. Another purpose in her book is to take the drama out of not being mother and avoid women become depressed for that.


But there are other kind of women who have not had any trauma or hopelessness, they just have decided not to be mothers. One example of Nomo generation is the famous actress Cameron Diaz (41) who has said in publicly her position about this topic. Last month, during a photo shooting for Esquire Magazine she said: “Having children is too much work for me. To have a life apart from yourself which you are also responsible is hard. I decided not take it. That decision makes things easier. A baby is a daily work, every single week and during the first 18 years. I like to protect people, but I never was drawn by the idea to be mother”.

To the list are added: Renne Zellweger (45) who has said that she wants to be independent and still look after herself. Zooey Deschanel (34) has confessed that has never been in her plans to be mom. Kim Cattrall (58), the unforgettable Samantha in “Sex and the City” said in an interview: “I realized that maternity is a big pressure, but external. Oprah Winfrey (60), French actress Audrey Tautou¬†(38) and the Swedish writer Corinne Maier complete this list.


This Swedish writer has even taken this issue to other level, the one more extreme. She published a book entitled “No Kids: 40 Good Reasons Not To Have Children”, where she says that if you don’t have any children, you can enjoy more the sex and you have greater job opportunities.

New generations continue to join to this fresh thinking. No doubt, it has a personal decision, but it will impact the world in few years, because it means a reduction of population, a reduction of young labor force. But, from a different point of view, it, maybe, could represent an opportunity for orphan kids, homeless or children in poverty condition.

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