- Julieta Censini

Nail and Hair Trends for first months of 2015

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When the last month of the year begins, some of us once again make a lot of plans: to lose weight, make more exercise, have a plastic surgery, have a makeover, buy more clothing, travel, learn something, or maybe, get married.

If you are thinking to change your hair color and knowing what’s the trend for nails during next year, this article is for you.


Nails for 2015

We moved from french nails to have colorful nail polish decoration, so, the options are endless now.

As for its length, the trend is short, whether they are rounded or square. Talking about colors, it will be hot all range of purple, specially, violet and lilac. Black nail polish will back with full force.


Another two colors that continue using are gold and all range of orange tones.


For conservative women, the option are nude nail polish.

Hair for 2015

Trend Colors

1. Splashlight
Favorite trend among the rest. Splashlight gives a reflection of light in your hair. Imagine a camera illuminating a part of your hair with the flash. So, the idea is to use  a big horizontal strip of color. You can choose a lighter tone than you or being more daring and choosing a total different hair color. This will be great hit for the beginning of 2015 and the option for long hair specially.


Splashlight is the successor of Californian Hair style. Unquestionable it is more dramatic.

2. Blonde Ends Hair
Blonde Highlights at the ends of the hair. The idea is having a Spring hair with the great Sun kissed highlights at the ends of your hair.


3. Copper Tones
The base color for next months. Copper tones light your hair and face. Copper tones in hair are ideal for women with light skin.


4. Platinum blonde
Next Summer 2015 platinum blonde hair will be one of the predominant trend. Obviously, it is set aside for most daring women.

5. Fantasy Hair Color
It is a huge hit these days. You don’t be afraid to explore with fantasy hair color, because it is removed as you wash your hair. Fantasy hair is temporary. This option is perfect for every kind of hair color, and the one is chosen to depend on your hair tone.



1. Garcon Haircut
Many celebrities have dared to use it. This haircut is full of personality, but be careful!, it is only perfect for women with oval face and delicate physical features.


2. Long bob
This haircut is longer in front. Long bob is perfect for rounded, square and hexagonal faces, and for curly or straight hairs.


3. Spiky Hair
It is not an exclusive haircut for men anymore. It you want a big change for 2015, this is the best option.


4. Fringes
Fringes are come back. All styles are welcome, and you should choose according your face, however, there is one that is going to prevail:  the fringes parted down the middle.



5. Neo Punk
The option for most courageous girls. It is an irregular and aggressive haircut, ideal for rock fans.


6. Long Hair
Long hair is one of the features that women can be differentiated from men, for that reason, it is preferred for many of us. The trend is using it no more of 15 inches long below shoulders, and of course, you need to look a healthy and shiny hair.


Finally, talking about hairstyles, you only think about braids in all their options.

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