- Julieta Censini

Nail colors for this Fall/Winter

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It is missing less than 15 days for the beginning of a new Autumn or Fall season, so, it is time to see what are the favorite nail colors for the next cold seasons.

Bold Fall nail polish

  • Bold Blue: It is a MUST HAVE during Fall. If it is a shimmering nail polish like the one by Deborah Lippmann will be better. For that reason, Dior is going to release its new blue tone this month under the name “Carré Bleu”.


  • Bold green: Another great trend for this season. The stronger the better, like the Anny polish you see in the picture above. Some of green colors are darker, and they are easy to confuse with black, but this is the idea exactly. From blue and green appear another trend, the polish that mixes both colors like the “Bleu Galuchat” by Yves Saint Laurent.

Cold Fall nail polish

The whole range of gray color is also a perfect way to welcome this fall/Winter. Dark gray is a good option for the night. It is a color that almost looks black. JinSoon brand offers this polish.


Gold and Metal nail polish
Metallic tones are really hot for the last four months of this year. It is a way to adapt to Christmas’ time, isn’t it?. You can find polish with special mirror metallic effects – really awesome!-, or think about glitter gold or metal polish. Brands like O.P.I. have become popular the gunmetal nail polish.


Nude and coral nail polish
For those conservative women here their perfect option. Nude colors will be also very fashion for this Fall/Winter season. Nude polish is being used for parties and special events mostly. The range goes from the nude slightly transparent to nude pink and naked nail polish. If you want to be a little bit funny try the coral tones like the gorgeous “Rose Tutu” by Dior, which you can find in stores starting from this month.


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