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Nadinoo, Fall-Winter 2011 – 2012 collection

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You know you are a print enthusiast when there are so many prints in your closet, you can’t make an outfit without mixing and matching prints. You know you are a print enthusiast when you have a pair of Miu Miu cat print heels, an animal print faux-fur coat, floral print tights, striped long sleeves in any color and at least one 50s inspired polka dot dress – to name only the essentials. And since you seem to be loving prints so much, here is what the British brand Nadinoo designed for the Fall-Winter season of 2011 – 2012.

The Nadinoo Fall-Winter 2011 – 2012 line is absolutely filled with prints: birds, feathers, abstractions and many more, all in neutral, peaceful colors that are perfect for the current season.

Their clothing is hand made, so while the prices may be higher than average, the quality of the fabrics and craftsmanship are very high, too. Everything is hand picked, designed with care, and made to order in a limited series. Nadia Izruna is the designer behind this brand, and she says: “I liked the idea of hand sewing a garment just for the intended wearer, making it special and unique just for them. The idea of deconstructing the process to be more flexible and engaging for the consumer is a concept I still hope to develop further in future collections.” Doesn’t that sound beautiful?

2011 Fashion Collections

As we were saying, if you like prints and are crazy about unique pieces, then you’re gonna love the Nadinoo collection. There are many dresses, each with it’s special cut and print, so anyone can find something that suits their taste. For example, the first dress pictured above, with the drop waist and long sleeves, is the perfect fit for those with a short torso and very long legs – the waistline will create the illusion that the real waist is lower than it actually is; avoid this cut if you have short legs though, or at least wear it with high heels!

The next dress has the opposite cut: an empire waist, with an oversized bow on the chest. This cut is great for pear shaped body types, who have a small bust and wide hips – the dress will hide the lower half of the body, making the upper half seem more prominent.

A combination we love for the cold season is printed shorts, with knitted tights, worn with a colorful shirt. Of course, you should add a cardigan and a scarf, and an overcoat – but you’ll look really pretty for everyday!

Nadinoo clothing

See how versatile those mustard tights are? They can be worn with any dress this winter! The first one pictured is A-line, inspired by the 60s, and we recommend it for athletic silhouettes, who lack a marked waist. Or, if you like, you can belt the dress – either way, it will make your legs long and thin if you wear it with heels, but it will be great for winter if you wear it with boots – try heeled ones for the best effect.

The dress in the middle is girly and cute, with buttons and a collar in the upper half, and a flattering wide skirt. The long sleeve and the fabric make it really good for the season!

A dress with a simple cut, but a bold feather print, is pictured to the right. The color is very autumn like, but you can brighten it with red or green accessories – this could be the right dress to wear on Christmas dinner!

Fall Winter fashion

The straight dress with a peter pan collar can look good as is, or with a belt. The silhouette is flattering especially if you’re not curvy, but rather androgynous. The print and the color are discreet, so you can afford using colorful accessories, like perhaps an electric blue statement necklace or a bow headband à la Blaire Waldorf.

The dress in the middle was especially designed to be layered – and it looks amazing over a bird printed shirt! The fabric belt gives it a nice retro 70s feel, do definitely try this one if you’re a bit nostalgic.

Clothing 2012

Other gorgeous designs from Nadinoo include this amazing midi skirt to the right, paired with a red shirt and mary janes – fashionable and timeless!

For more details, visit their website and shop!

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