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Masculine style: Fashion advice for women

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Dressing up in masculine manner has been quite the trend in the past decade. We’ve seen celebrities rocking this look over the years, from sexy Angelina Jolie who wore pantsuits with no top underneath and Sarah Jessica Parker who wore a vest and suit pants with a girly, pink shirt, to the fresh Alexa Chung and Leighton Meester, who wore ties, bow-ties and even suspenders in so much style. These outfits work great on the red carpet, and they may even be adapted for everyday wear.

Of course, masculine style doesn’t look good on anyone – you wouldn’t want to look like a boy or loose your feminine curves. In order to wear masculine clothes while still looking feminine, you should use elements from both worlds – Angelina Jolie’s cleavage is nothing but feminine, and she also benefits from very feminine traits, like the big eyes and luscious lips.

Fashion advice for women

As I was saying, for a casual, everyday look with a just touch of masculine, moderation is key. One place to start is the shoes: masculine shoes go perfectly with feminine sundresses, school-girl skirts, shorts, as well as any type of trouser. You can wear them with knee or ankle length socks or tights, if the weather is chiller.

Masculine clothing

Brogues and Oxfords are the best idea. But, instead of choosing plain simple, masculine ones, why don’t you go with something feminine? You could try heeled brogues, like those from Donegal Tan Elbamatt, platforms, as seen at Rag&Bone, or a floral print, like Asos above. Cutouts are a great detail for summer, and your feet will breathe in these Miz Mooz Brooke brogues. You can also go for bright colors, like the pink base of those Jill Sanders, or the red details from Vivienne Westwood.

Summer Clothing

Another item that shouldn’t be missing from your wardrobe is the boyfriend blazer. It is slightly oversized, like Rachel Comey or Chloe, and you can turn around the sleeves for a relaxed, effortless look (see Rag&Bone). The colors can be masculine and neutral, like gray and black, but you can also pick a more feminine nude (Topshop, Rachel Comey) or even bright colors, for that crazy color blocking that you’re looking for. The blazer goes with anything, from evening dresses to jeans, from mini skirts to suit trousers.


Clothes summer

Speaking of jeans, a pair of boyfriend jeans is so comfortable that you never want to take off! These are also a bit oversized, but still fit you well, as they fall nicely on the hips. You can wear them with heels as well as with sneakers, it just depends on the occasion and the rest of the accessories. Another cool item is the masculine shirt, which is usually white or light blue. You can belt it and wear it with skinny jeans, you can tuck it in your pleated skirt or you can button it up and wear it with a tie. An oversized cardie, like the one from Alexander Wang above, is a must for summer nights!


Masculine collection

Perhaps the field with the most masculine inspiration this season, these handbags are to die for. The briefcase style is so popular, that there’s no reason why you shouldn’t carry one, be it vintage or brand new, like those from Macy’s, Topshop or Zara. Multi-functionality is given by the different pockets, the handle and strap. Inspiration also comes from doctor bags or bowling ones – check JW Hulme and Forzieri for that matter. Don’t avoid the hit of the season – Mulberry’s Alexa bag is on everyone’s wishlist.

Male hats sunglasses for girls

Another cool accessory that gives just enough of a masculine hint is the hat: fedoras, in this case. The design is strictly masculine, but the colorful ribbons and prints (like the polka dots at Eugenia Kim) say “woman”. And as for sunglasses, you can pick aviator ones, that are inspired by men or especially designed for them!

Bow ties watches

We love bow ties, not only because Alexa Chung wears them, but because they look so good on a buttoned-up shirt! Bow ties are masculine and feminine at the same time, and they look best with shorts or long pants. If you’d rather not wear too much jewelry with such a look, go for the classic symbol of  masculine elegance: the watch. A men’s watch will look great on a thin, woman’s wrist, so don’t be afraid to wear your boyfriend’s cool watch or even your grandfather’s vintage one.

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