- Julieta Censini

Long-term TREND 2014: From maxi to mini and micro bags

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One thing this Summer Season is leaving to us is mini bag trend. They are comfortable and lightweight, and they have been the favorite accessory from our celebrities.

In reality, we are seeing mini bags and purses since the beginning of the year, but during this summer the trend is consolidated definitely. The fashion key is: the smaller the better.

During next months, mini bags are also an option to your look regardless of whether or not wearing for a party, because, although it has said this accessory is only ideal for Summer, women seem to be willing to continue wearing their new  mini bags & purses for the rest of the year.


Women are used to wear maxi bags, a trend that someone refuse to leave. Maxi bags were perfect, because we love to carry everything, that means, every single accessory to bail us out. But now, it is time to change our chip and adjust ourselves to this new size.

Taylor Swift, Carlota Casiraghi, Malena Costa, Reese Witherspoon and Rihanna are one of the celebrities we have seen with this trend frequently.


One of the favorite style is the top-handle mini bag, a real gem of this trend. Salvatore Ferragamo has launched some of the most beautiful mini bag designs recently. Just see the last two bags of our picture below (Pay attention to fur mini bag by Ferragamo for this Fall 2014).

Another style that matches here – and we began to see since the end of 2013 – is the belt bags. Designers have given meaning to this kind of the handbag that many associate with active sportswear only. Belt bags are now absolutely chic. Rihanna and Rachel Zoe love them.


From mini to micro bags

How do you resist this awesome trend? Designers haven’t made new designs, they have released the smaller version of their iconic handbags.


You can buy, for example, the mini-Delvaux by Saint Laurent, the 2.55 bag by Chanel, or even the micro D-Cube by Tod’s. This accessory is now the king of street style. Although we are aware micro bags only serve to carry our lipstick and our cell phone  – if we are lucky, they are a wonderful sweet temptation.

Mini and micro bags & Purses are so lovely that we consider that it is impossible to let them go. They are a long-term trend of this year for sure.

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