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J. Crew holiday gift guide

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The people over at J. Crew prepared lots of surprises to make it easier for you to shop with them. Besides gender and age targeted gift guides, they also managed to gather some interesting people together and ask them would they would like for Christmas, from the J. Crew store, of course. The result is a series of wish lists/gift guides that are surely going to inspire you. Some of the people who were asked to put together a wish list are Martha Stewart, Lauren Hutton and Selima Salaun, each showing their own personal style while browsing the versatile pieces from J. Crew.

Today we’re going to look at some of these celebrity curated gift guides, because they’re really very useful and inspiring. Plus, you may add some of those items on your own wish list or get them for someone you care about.

J Crew Clothing

Martha Stewart, the TV personality, tells J. Crew that she’ll be spending the holidays with her family, and that she’s very fond of cookies, baked ham, and a recipe from her latest book, ham with currant rosemary glaze. Sound delicious! Let’s see what she picked from the shop:

Sweaters, because nothing else can keep you so warm, and Martha picked simple turtlenecks as well as Nordic style ones. She’s also fond of warm cardigans, socks, and the fringed printed scarf, and she recommends menswear inspired pajamas and faux-fur lined moccasins for around the house. In the accessory field, she loved the Biennial satchel in camel, the patent loafers in nude pink and those awesome colorful wallets.

Holiday fashion gifts

The photographer Mei Tao confessed that her favorite Christmas family tradition is her husband and daughter baking cookies together on Christmas day. She herself isn’t a great cook, but she compensates by setting a wonderful table each time.

On her wish list, we can find a variety of items. The simple white shirt is a basic in every wardrobe, and as far as the holidays go, a pair of glittery party shoes and a winter-printed sweater are must haves. She also picked cute polka dot pajamas for around the house, a nice to-do list and some fashionable iPhone cases. Other warm keepers are the striped circle scarf, the set of knitted hats and the elegant leather gloves. She also picked a nice boyfriend ring and colorful old school headphones.

Fashion Christmas clothing

The male model Armando tells J. Crew that the best present he ever got for Christmas for a drawing of himself, made by his 2 year old niece. Here is what he picked for the store and added to his wish list:

Some basic sweaters are important for the cold season: cable knit and navy are things Armando appreciates. He also liked a shirt and a hoodie, white socks, loafers and brogues, a braided belt and a polka dot tie, plaid pajamas and the handy shoe tree.

J. Crew gifts guide

Next we’ve got the cute child-model Bella, whose favorite holiday movie is “Elf”. Her J. Crew picks include colorful girly items, as one would expect. She picked some pink, orange and green sweaters and cardigans, a very cute full skirt, bow mittens, a pink satchel that is perfect for school and a round purse that is great for special occasions, glitter suspenders, metallic Converse, heart-print tights, colorful nail polish and an edition of the My Wonderful World of Fashion book.

Gift ideas 2011Model Lauren Hutton picked some fashionable and cozy items to add on her wish list. She liked two coats, some colorful cardigans, a pair of jeans and one of red trousers, a pink shirt and colorful belts, a circle scarf and a handbag, leather gloves and animal print loafers.

December clothing and accessories

Roman is J.Crew’s kid model, can’t wait to wake up and look at the presents this Christmas. Some of the things he would like include a skull hat and a New York baseball cap, sneakers, a Sherlock Holmes tee, a skull plushie, colorful belts, a nice backpack, pencils and notebooks.

J. Crew shopping season

Finally, the decorative artist John Derian mentioned that he loves trimming the tree and going to the movies this time of the year. On his wish list, we find warm sweaters and cardigans, pajamas, pants, scarves, boots, a leather belt, socks and eyeglasses and rope bracelets.

Check out the J. Crew website for prices and more information about these products!

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