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How to dress for your body type accordingly

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Rarely do people have a perfectly proportioned body. Sometimes, the upper part might be bigger than the bottom part, sometimes it may be the other way around. Some persons are curvy, while others have a straight body shape. Although all these types are beautiful in their own way, you may wish to wear clothes that underline your qualities and hide your defects.

Today we’re going to look at a couple of ideas on how to dress, according to the body type. There are four main categories when it comes to body shape: the hourglass, meaning a curvy body with a smaller waist; the pear shape, with more weight around the hips and thighs; the apple shape, with the weight on the upper part of the body; and the banana shape, which implies that the bust, waist and hips are pretty much the same size.

How to dress for your body type

You can see above that even the most beautiful, desirable celebrities are part of one of these categories. Gwyneth Paltrow has a straight constitution, Scarlett Johansson has wonderful curves, Jennifer Love Hewitt has a larger bottom compared to the bust and Angelina Jolie has more weight in the upper part of the body. Apparently, the highest percentage of women are banana-shaped, followed by pear-shape, apple and hourglass. Here are some tricks that will help you dress according to your shape.

One trick that goes for every shape is to draw attention to the “good” part of your body, while taking it away from the problematic area. For example, if you are pear shaped, you should wear simple clothes in the bottom half, preferably in darker colors, while emphasizing your nice, thin arms and shoulders with prints (horizontal stripes, floral etc) and ruffles. In the opposite direction, if you’re an apple shape, you want to show off your legs with shorts or mini skirts and feel free to wear side pockets, ruffles, layers and prints in the bottom half; wear simple tops, with V-necks or wrap-around that focus on your cleavage; avoid big necklaces if you don’t want to draw attention to your bust.

Your body type clothing

Ideas for an apple-shaped body

If you’re banana shaped, you should try feminine clothes, with lots of details all over. You should avoid large, masculine clothes, if you don’t want to be mistaken for a boy. Mark your waist with belts, to create the illusion of curves. Belts should also be an important part of the hourglass-shaped person’s wardrobe, as they will nicely underline those curves.

Summer clothing

Belted dresses will underline the curves

While the pencil skirt is reserved rather for the apple, banana and hourglass shapes, pear-shaped women should try the A-line skirt or dress. This barely touches the hip area and creates volume and proportion with the upper part of the body. For the apple shape – baby-doll and empire waists are a good idea, in order to cover up a larger belly, while emphasizing the big bust.

Clothes summer

A-line skirts and detailed tops for the pear-shape body

Your body type collection

Wrap tops underline a big bust

There are other tricks that can help any shape. For example, creating the illusion of being taller. This can be obtained with the aid of certain trouser cuts – flared pants for the apple and banana shapes, which balance the upper part; straight legĀ  for the pear shape (you could also try the wide leg, now that the 70’s fashion is back in). Heels can be very helpful or, if they’re not comfortable enough for your everyday activities, platforms should do. If you’re short, you may want to avoid maxi dresses and long coats – choose mini dresses or shorts instead. The illusion of a taller body can also be created with vertical stripes or wearing a single color from head to toe.

Heels look excellent on any body type; however, if you feel that you’re too tall, don’t be afraid to wear ballet flats, flat sandals or loafers – they’re so trendy now, that you won’t even miss the presence of heels. They can be just as feminine as heels – with bows, bright colors and spectacular design, and they have the quality of great comfort.

High heels, wedges and flats

High heels, wedges and flats

We hope that you find our tips and tricks helpful, and we invite you to ask us any question, if you feel something was left out.


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