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Fashion for the Spring – Proenza Schouler Pre Spring 2011

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Fashion for the Spring

As more and more designers decided to give us a glimpse at their new collections, we have nothing but goods words to say about the upcoming season. Fluid fabrics, royal textures and fabulous accessories are just few of the main features of the spring-summer 2011 season.

Proenza Schouler clothing

Some surveys showed that Proenza Schouler is one of the most popular brands there are at the moment. Accordingly, we took a peek at their spring-summer lookbook and were enchanted by it. We love the shorts-blazer combo, which is so chic no matter the occasion. The high waists create the optical illusion of longer legs and so do the heeled peep-toe booties.

Spring Fashion 2011

2011 trends

The lookbook has youthful graphic patterns , like stripes, diamonds and squares in warm colors. The handbags look gorgeous in bright colors like green or yellow and are perfect for spring. You will also find the Chanel-inspired classic black and white blazer, that looks so elegant for evening, but can be worn during the day as well.

current women's fashion

Fashion Spring trends

The overall look of the collection is classy, yet very modern. Although the looks are basically created for daytime, the pieces are very chic and trendy. Although easy to wear, they will make you stand out in a crowd. They definitely fit the the “good taste” category.

Spring dresses

Trendy Proenza Schouler

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