- Julieta Censini

Dresses: How to choose the perfect dress

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A dress is the first clothing that clearly has differentiated women from men. In the case of long dresses, they are now an essential part of women’s closets. Women are wearing this kind of dresses by day or night.

Long dresses are also good in small women, but they have to use them carefully. If you are small, you should pick a good cut and fitted dress specially in the waist and hip.


Things like that help small women to define the body outline. V-Neck dresses are also a good option to give the impression to be tall and thin. This tip also applies for those women with pear-shaped body.

Color and printed fabrics need to be considered. Solid dresses as well those with neutral colors help small women to see taller. However, if you like print fabrics, you can choose sober printed dresses to avoid looking extravagant.

Depends on the occasion and time, long dresses can be accessorize with collars, necklaces, belts and some other details.

Long dresses are perfect for tall women, because thanks to their height, these make them look elegant and even taller. When they wear solid dresses, it will be necessary to complete the look with vivid colors accessories like a belt, handbag or some bold bracelet.

Basically, there are four kinds of dresses:

1. Skater or evasée dress: It is perfect option for every kind of women, but they are specially a good option for pear-shaped bodies. This kind of dress is small on top with a yield curve below the waist.


2. High waist dress: The cut of this kind of dress is just below the chest, the waistline is up underneath the bust line by highlighting that part of the body.


3. Tube dresses: It is ideal to fit the body and it is perfect to emphasize the waist. If you have gained some weight, avoid this kind of dress. Tube dresses require stilettos.


4. Asymmetrical dress: The lines of this kind of dress don’t coincide, so asymmetrical dress has a high-cut V-shaped. They are a trend during this 2014. This dress is perfect for those women with a wider waistline.


Other advises:

  • Deep V-neckline dresses: To stylize the body. They are also perfect for women with broad shoulders.


  • Strapless dresses: Ideal when you want to reduce the bust.


  • Halter dresses: Perfect when you want to increase the bust. Another good option is round neck dresses.


  • Close neck dresses: Ideal for those women who are short.


  • Boat neck dresses: Choose this kind of dresses if you are tall and have lower back. This kind of women should avoid strapless and halter neckline dresses.


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