- Julieta Censini

Discover 10 Men’s Underwear Tricks

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It is not a secret that men pay attention to their physical appearance more than ever before in history. They visit hairdresser frequently, apply anti-aging skin products, make severe diets, use makeup (make-up powders and mascara for men) and undergoing to cosmetic surgeries (noise, chin, abdomen and chest).

All these kinds of beauty solutions are used openly, but, there are other kinds of tricks they used secretly.

Today we are going to reveal 10 Men’s Underwear Tricks they use to see more attractive externally.

It is time to look inside men’s underwear universe, whose industry designs exclusive products to help them.

1. Seamless Low Rise Boxer briefs
Men as women have this option in the market. Seamless underpants make look the body more manly and thinner. This kind of underwear is ideal for those man with marked muscles.


2. Padded Underwear
Yeah! Not only women suffer for lacking of volume in buttocks. So, the market offers buttock padded underwear. This product has an inner and washable padding that are adapted to the body, in order to hide this trick. Some brands ensure an increasing up to 2.5 inches.


3. Bikini
On the contrary, if men have a strong buttocks, the better way to highlight this part of the body  is wearing bikinis. One of the preferred option in this case is the seamless bikini.


4. Front Padded underwear
Like some women that suffer when they have small bust, the same happens when men don’t have a prominent genitalia. This front padded underwear offers a genitalia definition, so this is the way how magic happens. Front padded underwear sometimes is sold under slogan: “Increase your sexappeal profile by adding some extra volume”.


5. Focusing in your attributes
When men don’t have any problem, market offers exclusive underwear to highlight their attributes, and even to increase them until 3.5 inches. With this kind of underwear, men can highlight your back and front part. Backless briefs have a dual function: raise the frontal part and holding well the back part with the horseshoe shape of this kind of underwear.


6. Shaper Boxers
You know, perfect men are in magazines, many of our husbands and boyfriends don’t like to make exercises a lot, so they need to wear something that gives them a good shape to their bodies. Shaper boxers can reduce until 15 inches this part, because this zone is compressed effectly.


7. Spandex Bikini
This kind of brief is designed in order to cup and support their packages and make that these look larger. Besides the comfort, men get a natural enhancement.


8. Body shapers
When a man wants to feel confident with his body, the best way is wearing body shapers. Men can find some sport seamless designs.


9. Brazilian Men’s Thongs
It is said brazilian men’s thongs are one of the favorite for them. They offer comfort. One of the effects men get with this underwear is to highlight their buttocks.


10. Silk sleep shorts
Finally, they also have an option to go to sleep as comfortable as possible: Men’s silk sleep shorts. Forget those boring long boxers, market offers sexy shorts to rest.


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