- Julieta Censini

Dior and Chanel release their Makeup Collections for Christmas 2014

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The perfect complement for our looks cannot be different to makeup. Unquestionably,  it is the perfect accessory. When Christmas arrives we have an agenda full of social and familiar events. For many women this time is the perfect moment to wear dresses more than any other months in the year.

So, we need to wear and makeup really well. Chanel and Dior know this perfectly, so every single year they release a special collections for Christmas.


Let’s see what they are offering to us for this Christmas 2014:

Pulmes Précieuses is the luxury line by Chanel that has released its new collection for Christmas 2014, where traditional colors for this season like golden, silver and red are the main tones. If you prefer to use something more delicate, Chanel has some products in rose colors.


To begin, there is a great light and shimmer powder, Camélia De Plumes, with a touch of silver tone. The product has a camellia shape packaging, which is so delicate and perfect for a Christmas gift.


If you have an event on the day, Chanel includes into its line Illusion d’Ombre, a soft peach shimmer for eyes. For cheeks, there is an awesome powder blush, the Chanel Joues Contraste in Caresse, also in a peach tone. This way  you can get a juvenile and fresh makeup.


For the night, red is the color, so, we recommend the bright orangey red lips in matte, the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet La Flamoyante. Match with its Le Vernis Phénix nail polish. But, you can also try the peach Rouge Allure Voltage nail polish, if you prefer to be discreet.


Fans of Dior makeup know that they use to release limited collection for Christmas, so they are really special. Could listen incredible, but packages are a huge plus in Dior, so it is quite difficult to resist to buy some of them.


Golden Shock Dior is the title for this collection for Christmas 2014 where gold is the main color.

Dior offers two shimmer powders in two tones. Diorific by Dior is a very luxury powder with pearl in rose and yellow gold. Both powders have a refined packages.


For eyes is its popular 5 Couleurs eyeshadows with two limited edition in matte: the first one in tones bronze, gray and beige, and the second one, based on rose tones that include violet and gold colors. Every product is so cute!


For our lips, we have different options: rose, peach, red, strawberry suede and Burgundy. Dior introduces two new glossy lips: Pink excess and Gold Rain.


For our nails there are four new tones: vibrant red, intense purple, delicate pearl and metal gold polishes. But, there is more. You can give a Holiday effect to nails by using its Dior Diorific Golden Shock Top Coat nail polish.

What do you prefer? Simply Irresistible!

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