- Julieta Censini

Comfortable and Cute Outfits – Ideas for this summer

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Because summer is here and we know that everybody feels uninspired on what to wear from time to time, we decided to give you some ideas on some outfits for the season. And because even the most fierce fashionistas need to feel good in their everyday activities, the outfits that we present today are comfortable and appropriate for daytime wear.

One of the most important things when it comes to comfort is shoes: flats are usually more comfortable, and you can pick ballet flats, oxfords or brogues, sandals and even thin boots. If you need to look taller, choose smaller, thick heels or platforms and you’ll be able to walk while still looking pretty.

Being comfortable doesn’t mean that you won’t look fashionable – on the contrary. Knee length skirts, shorts or maxi dresses are trendy and cute, but they won’t make you feel uncomfortable in any way. Mini skirts are not the best solution in this case.

Let’s cut to the chase and check out what we prepared for you today.

Cute Outfits - Ideas

You can wear this cute outfit on any occasion: shopping, school, walk in the park, date, office or who knows where else! Pair a brightly colored skirt with a pastel, printed shirt and knock yourself out with pretty accessories: an interesting gold ring, a pair of heart-shaped studs, a bow hair clip and cutout brogues. The simple, brown crossover bag is large enough for your stuff and small enough to be easily carried around.

Comfortable Outfits clothing shoes accessories

Another comfortable look is obtained by wearing a pair of light-colored shorts with a printed shirt – the bike one from Julien David is just fabulous! You can wear this ensemble with a pair of leather boots. Because we already have three masculine pieces in the outfit, the rest of it is more feminine, with touches of pink and floral items: pink handbag and sunglasses, flower earrings and a bow necklace, bleu-ciel nail polish. The colors are perfect for summer, as they don’t attract the sunlight. Also, wearing a loose shirt keeps you cooler than wearing a tight tee, which won’t let the skin breathe.

Summer clothing shoes accessories

Because nautical style is so huge, we couldn’t have left it out. The striped dress from Romwe looks adorable with lace-up, perforated flats, the fashionable Furla bag and a straw sun hat. Touches of red on the belt, sunglasses and lips make the outfit complete. A pair of cute earrings are enough jewelry for this feminine sailor-style, which is so great for a vacation or a walk on the beach.

Clothes Footwear complements summer

Summer rain shouldn’t ruin your plans of being stylish at all times! The rubber loafers from Ruche are so cute and feminine and they even look prettier than rain boots! Pair them with a color-block dress, because rainy days don’t mean you have to wear gray and black and monotone colors. A structured, colorful bag and a leather wallet are perfect for you to go shopping – why stay outside, if it’s raining so? A colorful umbrella and a pair of fun earrings will cheer you up for sure – as well as everyone around you!

Comfortable Outfits collection

Don’t think we forgot that 70’s trend! A great outfit for this summer consists of a thin, floral, maxi dress, bohemian jewelry (long earrings, colorful stone, wood and leather bangles), and a pastel leather jacket. The bag should be large and structured, like the trend demands, while the shoes can be inspired from the 70’s clogs – a wooden platform, studs and colored leather. Wear some oversized sunglasses, that have a retro feel, but are so modern!

Now, if you like these outfits, but are terrified of the prices, don’t worry about it! These are merely suggestions of style and don’t mean that you have to take them literally! Most times, designer pieces are quite expensive and not everyone can afford them. You can choose high-street shops that have similar pieces or follow the same style. You can also shop vintage items, and you may be surprised by the treasures you can find! However, if you really want designer items and you can’t live without them, balance them with cheaper clothes, like in the outfits above. For example, in the rainy-day outfit, you will see that the dress is expensive, while all the other items are affordable! Try it out!

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