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Chanel resort 2012 collection

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Summer officially starts tomorrow, so you might find that the fall-winter 2011-2012 collections have already been launched. Before passing on to those, let’s hang on to the warm seasons for a while, and have a look at the resort 2012 collection from Chanel.

As you know, resort collections are the ones that make the passing from one season to another smoothly: they keep some of the trends of the past season and bring on a fresh taste of what’s coming up next. In the Chanel 2012 resort collection, you will find classic Chanel pieces,  influence from the past and some ideas on what to wear in the next season.

Chanel resort collection
Almost 80 outfits were showcased on the runway for the 2012 resort collection, which premiered in Antibes of the French Riviera in May this year.There was a huge variety of styles and clothes, from beachwear to potential wedding gowns. It is thought that this is because of commercial interest – the more variety of items, the more sales. Designer Karl Lagerfield says he was inspired by the resort itself,  Antibes, a luxurious place like no other. He booked an entire hotel one year before – Hotel du Cap, which is one of the most expensive hotels in the world – for the runway show and preparations. Rita Hayworth and Aly Khan, former habitual residents of the hotel, were also inspirational for the designer.

The Chanel collection started out in shades of yellow, with clean, classic cuts, layering, and toeless white boots (“thong boots”).  Quite an unusual combination, with the weird shoes against such classy silhouettes. The clothes follow closely the lines of the body, the waist is marked and you can find several buttoned-up pieces.

White clothes

2012 fashion women

The white clothes that follow are slightly more young in style, somewhat resembling tennis outfits, with the white minis, polo tees and over-the-shoulders cardigans. The shoes are way more wearable – the boots have transformed into more feasible sandals. However, Chanel keeps the boots to mix up with suits in white and lilac, colors suggestive of the local flora. The suits are office-like, with over the knee pencil skirts and small clutches to accessorise.

designer dresses

chanel for men

We are given a piece of romance by the flowy dresses with abstract prints. There are black dresses with printed, colorful borders, as well as open back, strappy dresses suitable for day wear. All of them are worn with either thong boots or sandals.

For men, black seems to be the color at Chanel. Sleeveless tops and vests are combined with straight, fitted pants and blazers. The footwear consists of simple, classic, lace-up black shoes.

Chanel bathing suits

fashion and boater hats

Luxury is the term to define the beachwear. Lagerfeld wasn’t short on diamonds, pearls and jewelry, all of which were authentic. He even stated that “Too much may not be enough”, regarding this collection. One piece bathing suits that seem taken out of glamorous Hollywood movies are combined with capes and robes printed with the brand’s logo on the back. Sometimes they’re worn with the iconic Chanel blazer, a very improbable combo for real life.  Everything is in black and white only. Some nautical day pieces combine red and navy stripes in a game of proportions and shapes. Other interesting accessories here would be the black and white boater hats and the glove-like sleeves.

formal apparel 2012

fashion trends chanel

In the same classic Chanel color palette, you can find even more skirts, dresses, tops and blazers, all worn with boater hats, the above mentioned shoes and iconic Chanel handbags.

Then came the evening gowns, in the same colors. A very interesting combination is the black maxi with silver borders and the sleeveless frock-coat. For men, an exotic combo implies white trousers and turban against a black frock-coat.

European clothing designer

bridal dresses

Some of the dresses in the collection could easily be seen as bridal. Not every bride has the luck of wearing Chanel, but those who do, will definitely be in the spotlight. Simple, flowy maxis or tight minis, floral borders or lace tops make excellent elements for a spectacular, unconventional bride.

Abbey Lee Kershaw was the one who opened the show, and we could also see such familiar faces as: Siri Tollerød, Karolina Kurkova, Jac, Brad Koenig, Natasha Poly, Karlie Kloss, Oriol Elcacho, Fei Fei Sun, Magdalena Frackowiak,Lily Donaldson and many more. Of course, Chanel would never have anyone but the best models!

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