- Julieta Censini

Chanel has ready its Spring/Summer Collection 2015

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The Grand Palais, the emblematic exhibition hall and museum complex in Paris, was the scenario to show the Chanel Spring-Summer Collection 2015. The Gran Palais were transformed into a genuine street of the city of light. Assistants were impressed for each detail, a beautiful set, full of sidewalks, realistic pavement streets, buildings and until puddles of rainwater. The idea: to recreate the Boulevard. Boulevard Chanel is the title of this new collection.

Chanel prêt-à-porter Spring-Summer Collection 2015 includes almost 200 looks where none model repeated.


All this scenario served to show another French reality: public manifestations. Karl Lagerfeld, artistic director has already made us accustomed to render into his runaways some topics of reality of the country. In this opportunity was a female protest. Models became in protesters with megaphones and banners with slogans like: “Be different”, “History is her story” or “Ladies first”.


Women’s power was a special concept for this fashion show, it was a reinterpretation of the powerful quote by Simone de Beauvoir “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman”.

Some models wore extra long jackets that matched with capri pants. We also could see looks with evasé skirts and knee boots. The design of the boots was one of the most remarkable of the entire collection.


Boots have a strong urban influence, with paint splashes, where predominant colors were: violet, pinks, yellow and pink. According to this collection by Coco Chanel, next spring/summer Season will be with an outbreak of colors with shading or gradation style.

In general terms, Coco Chanel opted for flat-soled or low-heeled shoes. Another innovation was with a new version of Oxford shoes with opening in both sides and with an ankle straps.


Tops, with or without sleeves, were very special too. The collection includes: English hand embroidered tops or deep V-neck tops.


Karl Lagerfeld in his own words
The german fashion designer described this new collection as a mixture of different styles and colors to inspire women to be creative. Another slogans said: “Be your own designer”, “Divorce for all” and “Free for freedom”.

To strengthen this concept in the collection, Lagerfeld showed several looks with classic style, very masculine and using tweed fabric in order to hide the female shape almost completely. Some looks even incorporated ties.


This Chanel Boulevard is a collection to “play with each element. It’s more about way of living than fashion. It is not about someone telling you how to dress, anyone should do that. Do it yourselves. Dress by yourselves”.

Space for classic looks
But not all was psychedelia. There were some looks in the classic black and white, with a touch of gold color that was used either the waist with an awesome belt, or in the foot with a special version of Oxford shoes.White tops looks, with a lot fabric and different decoration at the front to hide the chest, which were matched with black shorts.


To Bündechen could see her with a classic knitting dress, in this case, a knitted pattern dress in white and beige. Other models wore similar dresses which were matched with incredible knitted boots and with other classic color for warm seasons like blue (see the great looks below).


Pastel Tones
Spring/Summer Season without pastel colors is almost impossible, so, Chanel showed some looks with these refreshing tones. White and pink looks that are embroidered with small and tender flowers.



For the night Chanel offered a really beautiful black dresses, with a slight transparencies and metallic effect in silver and green.


The fashion room had as special model to the Brazilian Gisele Bündchen. It also included to the top models Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Georgia May Jagger and Caroline de Maigret.

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