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Celebrity styles for Spring – Summer / Fashion 2011

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When you’re a celebrity, you’re always in the spotlight – not only on the movie set, runway or concert stage, not only on the red carpet, but also in everyday activities. Celebrities have to always take care of the way they look, because they never know when a photographer sneaks on them and takes an unflattering pic. No one says they should wear heels and gowns all day long, but it’s really pleasant to see their neat appearance and interesting combos. Some of them get help from a personal stylist, who has the role of picking out the clothes and creating outfits that go nicely with the body type. Others, with a sharp sense of fashion, naturally pick the best combos for them and are copied by women across the world. Us, regular people, shouldn’t copy celebrity styles blindly, but should rather be inspired to create our own, personal outfits starting from theirs.

Celebrities often wear designer items and expensive accessories from the latest collections. Since not all of us have the same privilege, today we’re going to show you some affordable outfits inspired by celebrities.

Summer / Fashion 2011

Sienna Miller has been in the attention of the press for several years now, as she managed to create her unique, personal style.  Today we have her in a lovely spring outfit, consisting of salmon, high-waisted pants, a simple, cable-knit sweater, heels and a small purse. This outfit is casual, yet the heels add some elegance to it. The pastels make it easy to wear and feminine. The overall aspect is vintage, with a touch of modern day given by the shoes. You can try this look with a pair of Sonia Rykiel pants (on sale), a white floral sweatshirt like the one from welikefashion.com, Asos high-heel sandals and a chain purse from nordstrom.com.

Celebrity styles clothing shoes accessories

Speaking of light colors, don’t miss the lovely idea that Alex Curran had when putting together this ensemble. An all-white outfit may seem difficult to wear, but it is actually perfect for summer and the golden accessories remind us of Greek goddesses. Take a pair of white, skinny jeans, like those from Jane Norman, and wear them with a larger, romantic top, as seen at Debenhams. Proportion is very important in fashion, so Alex did the right thing combining slim jeans with a larger top – otherwise it would’ve been too much. The look is completed by the golden thong sandals, comfortable to wear anytime, an oversized handbag and a watch. This outfit is perfect for a day of shopping.

Another casual outfit that we like comes from Vanessa Hudgens. She did an excellent job pairing the floral mini with neutral colors. She chose a basic black tank top and a long, gray cardie, a pair of flat sandals, sunglasses and layered necklaces. Together with the print of the skirt, the fringed handbag gives a bohemian feel to the outfit. You can find a very nice similar bag at Topshop and that’s your first step into getting Vanessa’s look.

Leighton Meester, so preppy and chic on the set of Gossip Girl, prefers casual outfits for her spare time. There she is wearing a gray cropped tee, navy blue shorts and electric blue shoes. Her oversized bag probably fits anything that an actress needs to carry around, and it will probably fit anything that you need to carry around – the one from Debenhams should do the trick.

Celebrity styles collection


We also liked Diane Kruger in her chic outfit. The idea of combining neutral garments with leopard shoes is wonderful – it’s not too sexy, it’s not too “good girl”. The white, asymmetrical top looks great with belted shorts – this outfit can be worn during the day, but, with the right jewelry, it can be perfect for a cocktail party. Here, Diane picked out discreet accessories – a pair of earrings and a watch.

Alexa Chung

Our last inspiring fashionista for today is Alexa Chung, in a more formal outfit. With the air of masculine fashion, Alexa wears her outfit with her very particular style, and that is feminine as can be. The color combo is classic – black and white – and the only pop of color comes from the baby blue clutch. The shorts look gorgeous with a boyfriend blazer and those heels from Carven, although quite expensive, are just fabulous.

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