- Julieta Censini

Blanco clothing Christmas campaign

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It may not be the season to be jolly – yet – but several brands have launched their holiday campaigns, look books, or they’ve been at least teasing with sneak peeks of what’s to come. Some say it’s never too soon to start shopping for Christmas, to make wishlists or at least lists of gift ideas for your loved ones. We don’t completely agree, but we agree that November is a good time to start. Even though it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, you can start thinking what you’ll wear for the New Year’s Eve party, who you’ll kiss under the mistletoe and what presents will rest under the Christmas tree.

Blanco have recently launched their own look book for the holidays, and we have to say we love it. It really embodies the Christmas cheer, it’s got snow, presents, smiles and love. The star of the campaign is Giedre Dukauskaite, who has worked with Blanco for the “Autumn Smile” campaign, as well as for Massimo Dutti and Barney’s. The campaign was shot by well known photographer David Dunan, a regular of Vogue Italia.

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This first outfit is great for going out during the holidays – a party with your friends, or maybe a cool new club – the colors and the way the outfit is structured will make you stand out and feel the holiday spirit. A mini striped skirt is worn with a cute Daisy sweater, creating a nice contrast. A short military coat in a Christmas red is worn on top, and the accessories are knitted gloves, a bracelet set and some pink leopard headphones to get your groove on.

As for the male model, he’s wearing a smoking neck sweater and a pair of slim fit trousers, a great outfit for everyday wear during winter.Plus, the colors are very Santa Clause!

Blanco clothing

Christmas clothing

This next look you can wear to work, Christmas shopping and running errands this time of the year. It’s casual and comfortable, but cute and not at all boring. The light colored skinny jeans are worn with a striped tricot jumper, and a very cool gray blazer on top. La pièce de résistance is the polka dot scarf, tied in a huge bow – you will look like a wrapped up present yourself!

If you’re looking for something fancier, say for the holiday parties, check out the tricot little black dress. You should definitely accessorize it with red lipstick and nail polish, as well as any cute jewelry you got. The fabric doesn’t make the dress too fancy, so it’s great for a casual party. The same goes for the red dress: it’s knitted, so you won’t attend any pretentious parties in it. But you will feel cozy and cute if you wear it at your friend’s party, together with an animal print bangle and some heeled ankle booties.

Giedre Dukauskaite pictures

Holidays fashion

There are more solutions for every day wear this winter. For example, the combination of red jeans with a denim shirt and a cute Minnie Mouse sweater is extra warm! Especially if you add a jacket and knitted gloves and hat to it! Then agan, you can always try this other idea: colorful trousers with a color block sweater, a quilted coat and a knitted hat – this would look great at a cabin in the woods, right?

We also liked the animal print faux-fur coat, worn over a jumper and skinny cargo pants. A great outfit to shop for presents, right? Or you can match outfits with your boyfriend/husband: jeans and navy sweaters for both of you! You can wear it with a fur coat, a hat and gloves, while he can accessorize with a knitted scarf.

Christmas fashion 2011

Have fun shopping in a lovely colorful outfit, like the one pictured above. The red turtleneck is in a cool contrast with the turquoise pants, and the salt-and-pepper coat makes it all classy. It’s really hard to choose a purse for this look though: the turquoise clutch, the pink, white and red one or maybe the cute pink satchel? Decisions, decisions…

And last, but not least, try a pair of loose pants with a cable knit sweater and a 60’s inspired coat. This will look great with animal print gloves, a hot pink satchel and a printed scarf. Agreed?

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