- Julieta Censini

A bath of sand – Therapy to relieve some ailments

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Well, human being have declared the war against death. We want to live more and more, and for that reason, scientists are in a constant search of the magical elixir that can delay signs of aging or even can cure some of the most threatening diseases.

If you are looking for something new, let us tell you that bath of sand as a therapy is growing in Morocco.

Some tribes, specially the Berbers, are in charge of tourism in the Saharan dunes. These people keep updating their catalogue of services, and some of the most popular right now is medical tourism. When day begins they are digging dozen of holes close to the tents prepared for tourists.


People go there for its amazing views; a great Erg of 12.4 miles, Merzouga, a place that offers an exceptional sunset. Besides that, and taking a dromedary ride or sleeping with a traditional Berber’s tent, they have a particular medical offer. People take a bath of sand or eat food made of medicinal plants. Health and Welfare sector generated more than 500 million dollars around the world last year. In Morocco, tourism industry represents 10% of GDP.

To take a bath of sand is exactly a session where you remain buried during some minutes (around 12), under hot sand, while you are being monitored for medical staff. The hot sand has a relaxing effect and according to some “patients”, it can serve to relieve the rheumatism, lumbago, arthritis and some skin diseases. Like sauna the bath of sand helps to eliminate toxins. It is a great exfoliation.


Each session costs between six to 12 dollars. At the end of the session, bathers are wrapped in warm blanket in order to avoid the body cold down quickly. Another alternative after taking the bath of sand is taking a good massage. To complete your healthy routine, you can drink camel drink that, according locals, it has health-giving properties for diabetes, anaemia or digestive problems.

The bat of sand has a great demand during Summer Season, which goes from June to September.

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