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American Eagle new arrivals for men

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The fall-winter season asks for some shopping. Maybe you need a new coat, maybe some new boots or just some shirts for everyday wear. If you’re keen on the American heritage and you like this style in fashion, then American Eagle is the right place for you to shop. They’ve got apparel, footwear and accessories for both men and women, and their target audience is young and casual.

Because we spend so much time discussing women’s clothes, today I thought we’d have a look at the line for men. It can be described as wearable, comfortable and casual, appropriate for school or free time: lots of denim, lots of plaid and lots of graphics.

American Eagle Stores


Men's tshirts

Plaid shirts are a must-have for any young man. They are very versatile, as they can be worn on any occasion, and in different combinations: with jeans, shorts, cargo pants, dressy trousers etc. You can use them as layers over a simple tee, and they look great underneath a denim or leather jacket, as well as under a parka. Some of the color combos at American Eagle include red and blue, navy and green, gray and navy, white, red and blue. They are defined as “workwear” by the brand, because of their durability.

Graphic tees are also a cool and necessary addition to your wardrobe. You’ve worn them through summer, and now you can layer them with shirts or hoodies for the cool season. The prints on these tee include the traditional American Eagle logo, as well as writings, and the color range is quite wide: white, yellow, green, red, blue, black etc. There are also some cool striped polo T-shirts, which have a slightly more elegant look, because of their collars.

Long sleeves shirts

Sport hoodies

Long-sleeves are the ideal tops for fall and winter. Sometimes T-shirts just aren’t enough! The long-sleeves at American Eagle have various styles, from graphic jumpers to simple sweaters and polo-necks. All of them have at least a small logo of the brand on the chest, if not a whole print on the front. You can use these as first layers for winter, or you can wear them with the sleeves up, in a very casual manner, with a pair of jeans and some sneakers.

Hoodies make great layering pieces as well! Most of them are inscribed with symbols of college sports teams, some come with a zipper, and some have a hood fully lined with fleece. They’re warm and pleasant to wear, and they look quite cool. Among the prints, we note: Pitt, Southern California, Penn State, Notredame Irish, Texas Longhorns etc. Have you found your favorite ones?

Men's pants

American Eagle shoes

Match these shirts, T-shirts and hoodies with the appropriate bottoms. Since it’s no longer the case of wearing shorts, try some of the long pants from the American Eagle catalog. There are cargo pants available,  casual light-colored ones, jeans of many colors and textures and sweatpants to wear around the dorms or at home. The colors are neutral for streetwear, but the sweatpants are brightly colored.

The shoes for this season are rough and masculine, like the boots pictured above. You can wear them with cargo pants or jeans, and you’ll get a tough-worker look. You can also find boots made out of canvas, perfect for the warm winters in California.

American Eagle clothing

As for underwear, American Eagle has that too! You can buy a range of colorful boxers for around $10: stripes, plaid, or funky prints, like sheep, pickles, camels, eggs, dinosaurs and others alike. You will probably have a lot of fun in these!

Men's accessories for Fall-Winter

There are tons of accessories at American Eagle, that go perfectly with the apparel and footwear above. We know men don’t like to wear many accessories, so these are just basics. For example, a beanie hat will be your best friend during the coldest months of the year – you’ll never leave the house without one. And you can’t go wrong with a plastic, colorful watch and a funky bow-tie at the next party you’re attending! As for the sunglasses, you know that you need to wear them in fall and winter, too, right? They protect your eyes and eye-area against the harmful UV rays, and you have to admit that they look really cool! Not to mention the number of colors available, that will help you put your personal touch on them!

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