- Julieta Censini

9 Fall/Winter 2014 Shoe Trends

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Fall/Winter is just knocking our door, so we inviting to you to know the recent shoe trends for this season, after we took a look to more important brands. What we can conclude is that they are designs for every taste and age groups. This Fall/Winter 2014 will be eclectic by talking about shoes.

The first thing we think about winter is boots. They are unshakeable, and for this year, high boots will be a hit, the higher the best – think in knee-length boots. Other trends are: clasp boots, the very risky leopard print in short or ankle boots and wide heeled boots – also known as chunky shoes.

Male trend will continue for this season, in fact, we have already seen the Fall/Winter Camping by Zara which is full of male style looks. So, you will see more moccasins, besides, lace-up boots and brogue shoes. Last year, it was a trend the creeper shoes and they come back for this new season. Another style added is running sneakers, the perfect option for Sunday.

Let’s take a look in deep:

1. High Boots
As happens with some clothing designs, shoes are inspired on sixties and all Swinging London fever. They can be as short as high heels. The important is that boots are not too much pointed. Black, gray, orange, taupe, brown and bourgogne are the most used colors. If you are very tall think in a thigh or knee-length boots.


2. Moccasins
Think in styles like Moccasins, Oxford and brogues. All kind of shoes to give a male touch. Thick soles are perfect too. Give an idea by thinking in Dr. Martens shoes.


3. Sneakers
Many designers have added some sporty looks to their Fall/Winter 2014 Collections, so, Karl Lagerfeld, the highest authority in Channel, released one of the funniest sneakers for this season. Other brands that have joined to this multicolor trend are Rebook, Nike, Zara and Adidas.


4. Creepers
Some call them the ugly shoes. Stella McCartney has been one of the designers who have incorporated to their looks. For Fall/Winter 2014 she has designs a great version of this kind of shoes. Maybe looking this new creeper designs you don’t call them ugly anymore. Just maybe! Stradivarius, Sixty Seven and Mustang also offer creeper shoes.


5. Wedges, treking, lace-up
Inner Wedges, treking style and lace-up shoes. Think in suede shoes like the Marc Jacobs with the deer detail we put in the picture below.


6. Stilettos
Stilettos will be perfect option when you are going out at night. For this Fall/winter comes back iridescent shoes, sequin heels or transparent shoes like the beautiful designs that were imposed by Louboutin.


7. Buckle Shoes
Buckle shoes are a huge trend for this Fall/Winter Season. No matter if they are heels, stilettos, sandals, boots or flat, you only need to think that these include a buckle at least.



8. Animal Print Shoes
Animal print is another trend for this season in order to give a splash of color to cold tones. But, if they are leopard shoes … better! Note how “comma” heels are back.


9. Booties

Not all women like wearing high boots, because they are so demanding, but, don’t worry! Booties are the first option when cold weather arrives ever. Orange booties are an absolutely trend.


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