- Julieta Censini

5 Tips for a long-lasting bronze tan

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It is missing almost 15 days to begin the best month of the year for a great proportion of people around the world: Christmas Time and vacation.

Some women like to escape the typical climate to north hemisphere and travel. Time to tan our skin! But the main concern is how to make it perfectly, quickly and without affect our skin.

We need to take on mind that a perfect tan skin will depend on our self tolerance to the Sun and our kind of skin, however everyone can improve the skin tone and, above all, avoid redness or another severe skin problems.


These are 5 proven tips for preparing and prolonging your tan:

1. Hydrates the skin


Before going out to vacation is very important to hydrate the skin. Drink glasses of water per day is mandatory for our body, however, many people don’t drink six glasses of water at least. If you are one of these people, take to consideration this old rule and drink a lot of water one moth before your trip. A dry skin causes flaky one, so your tan will last less of few weeks after your return.

2. Beta-Carotene

It is the preferred advice  from many dermatologists. Beta-Carotene is the best friend for intolerant skin specially. This a natural pigment presents in carrots, vegetables, some fruits and beans mainly, but you can get like pill supplements that you take once a day and during two weeks before your travel. Beta-Carotene is ideal to prepare our skin to take more sun than normal. Another good thing you get with Beta-Carotene is to reduce the Sun exposure and avoid the redness.

3. When you are taking the Sun

When you arrive to your destination, it is important that you divide the take of Sun throughout your stay, only this way, you will get a prolonged tan. Let me explain! Many people feel uncomfortable during the first vacation days, because their skins are so white, so, they decide to take the Sun deeply during the first two days (a big mistake). It causes redness and heat stroke. Besides, a week after of your vacation, your tan skin will be gone for sure.

4. Sunscreens

If you take Beta-Carotene, then, you can buy a sunscreen with a lower sunscreen protection (with 15 SPF will be ok). Carrot oil or gel sunscreens offer best results to get a perfect tan skin tone. Apply generously on skin avoiding the face. Don’t take the Sun between 12M and 2PM.

While you are taking the Sun, pour water on your body frequently. Avoid the seawater. Keep clean water in a bottle. The salt of seawater causes drying and, in some cases, skin irritation. The combination between drops of waters and sunscreen in your body, produces magic,  in order to get the perfect tan skin tone. Don’t forget! The ideal is to take the Sun for short periods of time.

5. Re-hydrates

When you are not taking the Sun, it is very important to refresh and re-hydrate the skin. A good option in this case is the almond oil.

Final Considerations:
Remember: You never to expose your face. It is the most delicate part  of our body. Face uses to react bad when you expose to the Sun: Redness, dryness, spots and expression lines are some of the consequences. For this part of the body, buy a high SPF sunscreen and use sun hats.

Enjoy your trip!

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