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10 Apps you should consider for your new smartphone 2015

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2014 has been considered the most active year for all related to smartphones and gadgets. As well as smartphones don’t stop their releases, apps’ universe seem to have no boundaries.

Apps have transformed our relationship with these devices, that have come from a device for fun only, to a real tool for our daily activities.

Here the most popular Apps for your smartphone 2015:

To Facilitate your experience or Make your life easier

1. Sleep Better


Wereables are most common each time, and they have been marketed with the idea to be a great tool to help you for your health and welfare. This app is available for iOS and Android. Sleep Better App promises to improve our sleep behaviors. The app makes track to your dream and gives some data for you can control it. It could be a real useful app, because doctors have alerted about sleep disorders provoked for overusing of computers and smartphones in young people.

2. Looksery


People is really going crazy with selfies. They have reached to take pictures in tragedies like the last event in Australia where three people dead in Sydney siege. But despite of that, selfies are far away of saturation – at least for now. Looksery offers face effects for your video chats and selfies. Keep on mind you can change the look of your pics and video chats in real-time, besides, this app (only available for Iphones) has 3D animations.

3. Agent

2015-apps-agent It is a perfect assistant for your smartphone. With a simple and elegant interface, Agent app helps you to save battery, but the most interesting features include to remember where you have parked, respond for you when you are driving, silence your phone when you are in a meeting or allow only urgent messages and calls when the owner is sleeping. This app is available for Android.

4. Replay


With more fast and reliable internet connection, people are motivated to upload videos and create your own movies. Replay (only for iOS) is one of the best apps for video setups. You can apply more than 20 styles and adding 200 different pictures and videos.

5. PHHHoto

If you don’t like make videos, but motion pictures are cool to you, download the app PHHHoto. It lets you to make, post and share .gif files. Available for iOS.

6. Slack

How many social media apps have you downloaded? This app allows that all your communications are in one single place. Slack integrates other tools like Hangouts, Twitter and Dropbox, and besides of that, includes one instant messaging service where you can transfer files or make group chats easier. Available for Android and iOS.

For working

7. Bamboo Paper

We love word or evernote, but you have to share this love with Bamboo paper, an app that offers a virtual notepad that let us to take notes and make sketches. Bamboo Paper is focused on users who like to use stylus pencil, besides, it offers connectivity with your different social media profiles.

8. Team Viewer


We don’t want to forget our PC, we want the best of both universe, so, there are some apps that make a kind of bridge between them. Team Viewer lets us remotely access. Once you download, you will not be worried anymore when you are outside of your office and some client or coworker need something of you. It has access to your office desktop in order to see all files and apps. Available for Windows Phones, Android and iOS.

9. Quip

It is a modern word processors, so you can create interesting documents, mix them, make message in a kind of chat. You also can share file folders to work in your office or house, and has a calendar to organize your next projects. Another great aspect is you can use all its functions without internet connection. In conclusion: You have task lists, spreadsheets, chat and docs in one app.

10. Pushbullet

As well as we have our PC, tablet and smartphone, many of us have more than one phone. With Pushbullet app, we can have synchronized all our devices in order to send files, pictures, URL’s and whatever we need. You can even see the phone’s notifications on your PC. Available for Android and iOS.

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