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3 May 2014

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Stradivarius December Lookbook
9 Dec 2011

The month of December is a special one – everyone knows that! It’s magical, with its pure white snow, the pretty lights all over town, warm, decorated houses, and, most of all, the tradition of offering and receiving gifts. Of course, we shouldn’t need a designated holiday to make us give presents, but since the tradition is so deeply rooted, we might as well, right?


The best hosiery to buy this Christmas
7 Dec 2011

It’s an old tradition to hang up stockings by the chimney on Christmas Eve, and have Santa fill them with presents until next morning, on Christmas Day. Waking up to find treats in your socks is a pleasure and joy at any age. And what better stocking stuffers are out there if not… actual stockings? We searched the web for the best hosiery you can find, for women, men, teens and children, and here are our results: socks, tights, stockings and the occasional slippers.


The shoes of the season, Winter 2011 – 2012
6 Dec 2011

Shoes are a very important piece in every woman’s wardrobe. Our love for shoes is immense, wouldn’t it be great to have a pair for every day of the week? Or the amazing dressing room of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City?


The sunglasses of the season: Fall Winter 2011 – 2012
5 Dec 2011

It’s no secret that sunglasses are not exclusively made for summer. And not just for fashion purposes, either – they’re actually highly recommended in the cold season as well, as they can protect your eyes against the harmful UV rays that exist all year round, and from the light reflected in the snow. Accordingly, fall-winter collections as well as spring-summer ones always feature a number of sunglasses.


Alexa Chung for Me&City
4 Dec 2011

To give you my honest and subjective opinion, if Alexa Chung is wearing something, I kind of want to wear that thing, too. I loved her line in collaboration with Madewell, and I love her street style, which is British in the coolest and most fashionable way possible: trench coats, cat flats, the notorious Alexa bag by Mulberry, Peter-pan collars, lace and skinny jeans – Alexa really knows how to mix clothes and how to make fashion happen.


Tally Weijl Christmas Campaign
2 Dec 2011

Tally Weijl is a international fashion label that designs sexy apparel for fashionable women everywhere. The brand was founded in Switzerland, in 1984, and it now has stores in 33 countries. The brand has recently gained exposure due to an appearance in Gossip Girl (one of the Paris episodes in season 4), and one of their dresses being worn by both Alexa Chung and Blake Lively.


J. Crew holiday gift guide
26 Nov 2011

The people over at J. Crew prepared lots of surprises to make it easier for you to shop with them. Besides gender and age targeted gift guides, they also managed to gather some interesting people together and ask them would they would like for Christmas, from the J. Crew store, of course. The result is a series of wish lists/gift guides that are surely going to inspire you. Some of the people who were asked to put together a wish list are Martha Stewart, Lauren Hutton and Selima Salaun, each showing their own personal style while browsing the versatile pieces from J. Crew.


DKNY Winter 2011 – 2012 collection
25 Nov 2011

The Fall-Winter 2011 ready-to-wear collection consisted of masculine-inspired clothes, beautiful outerwear with a focus on capes, warm tones like orange, red and ochre combined with hot ones like pink, classic prints and an overall street style. While we loved the collection and found it stunning, we also like what they have prepared especially for winter: the Winter Wonderland line. It’s a small and warm line that you’re gonna love, not only because it’s perfect for this time of the year, but also because today – on Black Friday – everything is 50%. Check the website for more details:


Zara November Lookbook
23 Nov 2011

By now, you must be accustomed with the fact that some brands come up with a new look book every month. It’s the case of the Inditex group, part of which Zara will be our focus for today.